Norse goddess of winter Skadi is joining SMITE

A new god is coming to SMITE with the Patch 3.4, Winter's Bite. Skadi is the Norse goddess of winter, and she brings with her the cute and playful Kaldr, a snow wolf. You can watch the Skadi introduction video below.

Here's what Hi-Rez has to say about this patch:

“We have a lot on the table for Patch 3.4, Winter’s Bite! First, our newest Goddess joins the ranks; hailing from the Norse Pantheon Skadi and her companion Kaldr are ready to join the Battleground of the Gods. In addition to a new god, the 2016 Season Ticket launches, boasting a large number of new skins and rewards to be earned through playing SMITE and watching SMITE eSports! This patch also brings some adjustments to a few gods who were under-performing as well as addresses some of the concerns around Solo laners in Conquest gaining too much experience. Additionally, a few items are seeing tweaks to better solidify their identity and their strengths. We are excited for everyone to get their hands on the new adjustments and see how they play out!”

This update also adds a several new skins for Artemis, Apollo, Chaac, Belonna, Bastet and more.

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