Official MMORPG Naruto Online goes live today in the west

Naruto Online, the first and only official MMORPG based on the highly popular anime series is now available on PC and Mac. Published by Bandai Namco and Oasis Games, Naruto Online was previously available in countries such as China, Germany or Brazil and is now live in western regions and in English. North American players will be able to play this free turn-based MMORPG game through any browser and enjoy the original Japanese voice actors and even some scenes from the anime series, with more English-speaking regions to follow.

Naruto Online is entirely set in the Naruto universe and follows the Naruto story, adding five new characters that represent the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and lightning, for the player to choose from. Then it's off to adventure and recruiting ninjas from the 170 available characters. At launch, players will be able to explore eight chapters from the Naruto and NARUTO Shippuden storyline, including all the familiar locations such as the Village Hidden in the Sand and the Valley of the End.

“There has been a lot of fan demand, so we are extremely honored to publish Naruto Online in the West,” said Alen Wu, Business Director at Oasis Games. “This game offers a great – and authentic – experience with every detail included, including voice acting from the original series, so English-speaking fans will soon be able to easily jump into and engage in the world they love. Furthermore, we’ll be able to extend the Naruto offering now that the manga has ended through player involvement and community building which creates a new kind of interactive experience which is exciting for us.”

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