Online CCG Mighty Party gets Guilds Update

mighty party Guilds Update

Panoramik Inc has just released the Guilds Update for the online CCG Mighty Party. As the name implies, the focus of this update is the Guild mode, which includes Guild Creation and more. Here is what the update brings to the game:

• GUILD mode includes “Guild Creation”, “Guild Rating”, “Guild Chat”. Players are able to create communities based on guilds and prepare for Guild Wars.

• GUILD MASTERS and LEVEL SYSTEM – “Influence” is a common guild currency that can be obtained for Guild Wars for in-game purchases. Each guild member has personal guild currency “Contribution”. It can be obtained from Guild Wars (the amount depends on personal participation of every guild member) for in-game purchases. “Contribution” could be spent on the different items in Guild Shop (will be added later).

• MEDALS will be given for different achievements in the game and will show player's skill level and status to all the other players.

• GRAND MASTER LEAGUE is a new level in PVP ladder that has 100 places only. Top-100 players of “Legendary” league will be moved to “Grand Master” league on September 1. “Legendary” league could be lost now. Players with less than 11000 Fame will be moved to League 2.

• EVENTS – a new game feature that will be available periodically. Every “Event” will be dedicated to the specific cards (Frogs, Buildings etc), an additional map (similar to “Path of Hero”) with different tasks and special currency as a reward will be activated during “Event”.

Mighty Party guilds update

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