Grab open world RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance free on the Epic Games Store

Kingdom Come Deliverance free

After the scary thought that the Epic Games Store would stop giving games away in 2020, the good stuff keeps on coming. This week you can grab the open world Kingdom Come Deliverance free, and we definitely recommend that you do so. It's the kind of game that has a lot going for it, but it is not for the squeamish or the ones that give up easily.

But this isn't the only free game that is right there for the taking. You can also get the intriguing Aztez, an hybrid of beat'em up and turn-based strategy with an art style that reminds me of Sony's Patapon. This is a low-profile game, but has very positive reviews on Steam since it launched in 2017. It's a curio that it surely won't hurt for you to check.

You can get both games for free until February 20, 2020. The next game in line is the CCG Faeria.

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