Paladins new patch brings the Battlegrounds mode alpha

Paladins Battlegrounds alpha

The Open Beta Patch 66 for Paladins introduced the first playable version of the new Battlegrounds game mode. This is the alpha, so don't expect a completely polished version right away.

In Battlegrounds, the heroes start by dropping into the map from a zeppelin, and the idea is to fight for survival just as in any other Battle Royale game, as well as to look for chests and card shrines. As the deadly fog encloses, the playing area gets smaller and the last remaining heroes will have to fight to be the winner. Battlegrounds features matches with 100 players and the map is said to be 300 times larger than your regular Paladins stage.

The patch brings a lot more besides the Battlegrounds game mode alpha, so go check it out.

Do you think Paladins Battlegrounds has the potential to become one of the most played Battle Royale games, right after Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG?

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