Paladins tells you to Get Rekt with the new update

The new Paladins Get Rekt open beta 50 update is live and brings things such as Announcer packs (to get your own in-game custom motivation), three new character customizations (Buck Wild, Star Glam Evie, and Sha Lin Vigilante and Guardian), and REKT Chests.

The REKT Chests cost 150 crystals per chest roll and include the following:
∙ Androxus: REKT Hand Cannon
∙ Barik: REKT Boom Stick
∙ Buck: REKT Shotty
∙ Cassie: REKT Impaler
∙ Grover: REKT Hacker
∙ Kinessa: REKT Long Gun
∙ Sha Lin: REKT Great Bow
∙ Tyra: REKT Carbine
∙ Viktor: REKT War Rifle
∙ Spray: GET REKT

Read the full patch notes if you want to know more. We're going to give away 30 Paladins REKT weapons soon, so stay tuned: 10 Tyra REKT Carbine, 10 Viktor REKT War Rifle and 10 Androxus REKT Hand Cannon.

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