Paladins welcomes new champion Evie, the Winter Witch

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is currently in closed beta and is already getting a new champion and more with the 0.8 patch. Evie, The Winter Witch is the new champion and she has a set of abilities that turns her into the character of choice for those who favor misdirection and messing with other players. She can create an illusion of herself to help fight enemies, teleport a short distance and soar above the battlefield on her staff. The patch also tweaks the existing maps and adds several new cards.

Paladins should get frequent updates including new champions, cards, and balance tweaks during and after the beta. Coming from the makers of SMITE, we have no doubts that this card based first-person shooter will be a very in-depth game in a few months, before releasing as free-to-play during 2016.

Here is the video detailing Evie and the other patch changes.


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