Paragon’s new hero is Zinx, some sort of Thundercat

Paragon hero Zinx

Wait, is it cat day today or something? Zinx is the new Paragon hero and she is a kitty, just as Atlas Reactor's NEV:3. In fact, Zinx looks more like someone from the cast of Thundercats, the animated television show, and we're not complaining. In fact, her design is really good and the fact that she is this mutant creature makes a nice change from the usual hot-as-hell females that Paragon has seen lately.

Zinx is a durable ranged attacker and lab creation of Dr. Maximov, the same crazy scientist that brought us Phase and Howitzer. She uses her pistol for some of her abilities such as Kitty Claws and Bad Medicine. Zinx will be available on Tuesday, July 18.

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