Path of Exile developer announces three announcements

Path of Exile developer announces

We live in amazing times. A time when you have exciting announcements, but also announcements of announcements and short-as-heck teaser trailers – it doesn't get any more exciting than this, right?

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games decided to join in on the fun, but they are ramping the excitement even further. They are announcing not one, not two, but THREE announcements for the upcoming 3.5.0 expansion. Here are the dates for you to take note, in New Zealand time (time to check your World Clock if you have to):

• November 5th: Announce Experimental New Feature (Not Royale)
• November 6th: Another (non-3.5.0) Announcement
• November 14th: 3.5.0 Expansion Announcement
• December 4th: Delve League Ends
• December 8th: 3.5.0 Expansion Launch (this is December 7th in US/EU)

Phew, not Battle Royale – not that they didn't have it already. There isn't much additional info on this and we are somewhat curious on that non-3.5.0 announcement, could it be the Path of Exile PlayStation 4 reveal? Grinding Gear Games does mention a significant scope for this expansion, “larger than the Bestiary, Incursion or Delve releases”, so in all honesty, these are exciting news for Path of Exile players.

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