Perfect World Entertainment is buying Digital Extremes

Warframe landscape

Perfect World Entertainment is in the process of acquiring another development studio to its portfolio. After Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online and Neverwinter) and Runic Games (Torchlight), the Warframe developer Digital Extremes is apparently going to be the next one. PWE is partnering with Sumpo Food Holdings Limited for this agreement that was first announced on June 30th.

The result of this deal is a lot of rage on the Digital Extremes forums, by Warframe players who fear that the acquisition will turn the free-to-play shooter into a completely pay-to-win game, citing PWE's previous games as examples of this. Digital Extremes still haven't reacted officially to this situation, besides a “Hey everyone – currently awaiting official comment/info on this topic” from administrator DERebecca.

What do you think of the eventuality of this acquisition and what will it bring to the future of Digital Extremes and Warframe? Is this a bad thing or are players overreacting?

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