Perfect World Entertainment has Winter Events for everyone

Perfect World Entertainment has plenty of events for most of the studio's games throughout the month of December and into early 2017. You can try your luck at events for Neverwinter, Star Trek Online and more for the chance to earn some great rewards. Here is the detailed list:

Winter Festival of Simril (December 15, 2016 – January 5, 2017)
Twilight Tor is back in all of its splendor for our adventurers. Complete daily quests and open Starlight Parcels to be rewarded with gifts for players and their party. Opening Starlight Parcel’s throughout the event increases the odds of better rewards including event-specific mounts and companions. Strap into your sled for high-speed racing and help the villagers with their monster infestation. Ice fishing makes its return, beckoning players to the frozen surface of Lake Glorfindar for an all-new level of challenge and rewards! Enjoy 2x bonuses all month long and don’t forget to visit your Stronghold to get into the Winter spirit.

Star Trek Online:
Q’s Winter Wonderland (December 1, 2016 – January 12, 2017)
This year’s Winter Event brings the storied tradition of Klingon ice fishing to Star Trek Online. Catch candy fish and deliver them to the offering plate to unlock winter trinkets. Make enough offerings, and the candy Kos’karii appears ready for battle. Defeat it and earn even more festival rewards! By completing events, players can even earn a T-6 ship. Throughout all of December, we’ll also be hosting several promotions and bonuses for players enjoying this year’s Wonderland.

Champions Online:
Attack of the Misfit Toys (December 8 – January 5)
Millennium City has been transformed into a winter wonderland! Starting December 8 and lasting throughout the New Year, Champions can visit Renaissance Center to check out the ornamented tree, visit the Toy Drive store and gather presents to collect special rewards from the Helper Elves. Starting December 22 to January 5, players can battle Clarence, the giant teddy bear, and Black Harlequin, who has turned the abandoned foundry into a workshop to create deadly toys! But this time something is different, as Clarence seems to have brought along some strange friends! There are new rewards in the Toymaster’s Apprentice store every week of the event, so be sure to check back!

Christmas Snowball Event (December 22 – 28)
During this event, Joe Chen will give every player 10 Snowballs a day. You will be rewarded with EXP and Kung Fu points for using them on other players and there is a chance that you will transform the other players into a holiday object.

Christmas Snowman Event (December 22 – 28)
Find Christmas trees hidden throughout three of the major cities in the game. Attack it until it drops the items you need to complete this event. When you return the items to Lan Fenghuang, she will reward you with an item needed to make your very own temporary snowman.

Santa’s Gift Event (December 22 – 25)
During this event, Santa will visit the major cities each day between 10:30 PM PT – 11:30 PM PT. You can collect gift keys which you can use to open the piled up Christmas gifts next to Joe Chen for special rewards.

12 Days of Giveaways (December 2 – 24, 26 – 31)
Check out our news page for new codes that will be given out starting on December 2 to earn Christmas fashion sets, Ether Jade, War Avatar Chests and much more! Codes will appear starting on the December 2 and new codes will appear every other day. Check the news page again from the 26th – 31st to get a redeemable code for even better rewards.

Snowmen and Snow in Major Cities (November 30 – February 1, 2017)
Archosaur and other major starting cities will feature Living Snowmen inside and outside their walls. Kill Snowmen and they will give you some quips, Chi Stones, Dice Tickets, and more.

A Generous Gift (December 7 – 27)
Visit the Generous Young Boy and if you’re able to wait around long enough, you can receive Golden Treasures for free.

Do the Penguin March! (December 13 – 29)
Go to Frigid Bay, complete various quests to try and get the special golden reward.

Forsaken World:
12 Days of Giveaways (December 14 – 25)
Log in each day with a character who is at least level 50 to receive special prizes. Log in on Christmas Day to receive a FREE Christmas Pack. This pack includes a fashion handheld, Christmas title, Christmas Fireworks, a Smiley to use in chat and a Gingersnap Mage pet.

Winter Festival (December 1 – 31)
Participate in festive quests to earn special holiday pets, special XP items, and various character boost items.

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