Play Conqueror’s Blade during the next open weekend

Conqueror’s Blade open weekend

Still didn't get a chance to participate in the chaotic and exciting warfare of Conqueror’s Blade? Read all about the siege test but curled into a corner and cried your heart out for lack of a beta key? Well, seems to have you covered with the upcoming Siege Test: Winter Mayhem.

For this test, players can create their characters and storm the gates from December 15 through December 16. Prepare yourself for 15 versus 15 battles where each player has a few armies at his command, just waiting for your orders. New maps and units will make an appearance.

Fast forward to December 17-19 and during these days there will be a closed siege test. For the exact dates and times it's advised to check the official Conqueror's Blade website.


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