Quake Champions new info revealed, could be free-to-play

id Software is taking another stab at the Quake formula with the upcoming PC exclusive Quake Champions, which is finally getting quite a bit of info thanks to the recent QuakeCon. One interview of German website Game Star with Creative Director Tim Willits shed some light on this game, with one of the topics being free-to-play. id isn't sure about it yet and is currently testing different business models, but considering that the plan is to get the largest possible player base and with the tough competition from Blizzard's Overwatch, free-to-play could definitely be an advantage.

Quake Champions will be focused on e-Sports, with a team based mode in the works especifically for it. The game also includes Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, with 5v5 being in id's opinion the optimal player number for team-based modes. There is no loadout like in Doom and many other shooters, with all weapons (rocket launcher, railgun and lighting gun are included) and items available on the map for players to pick up.

Quake Champions will include matchmaking, a ranking system and seasons, but no classic mode without Champions, at least for now – each Champion has a passive ability and an active ability.

id Software is shooting for a 2017 release. Keep up to date with Quake Champions by subscribing at the official website.


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