Quake Champions is now open for everyone and with a new game mode

Quake Champions bots gore

Just as Bethesda announced before, Quake Champions has opened the floodgates for its tech test where anyone and everyone will get a key immediately just by signing up. You have from today through May 21, 4PM ET to play Quake Champions, the return of the mythical series that didn't quite start the whole trend of online multiplayer shooters, but was pretty damn close to doing it! Who can forget Quake 3 Arena and its rocket jump antics?

The Quake Champions tech test also brings a new game mode called Sacrifice, where two teams of four players battle it out. Bethesda and id Software believe that this game mode is going to be the main team competitive mode for all major eSports tournaments, so you should get to practice right away.

Visor was the latest Champion to be introduced in Quake Champions, and he comes from Quake 3 Arena, released in 1999. You can (re)watch his announcement trailer below.

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