Time paradox shooter Quantum League open beta begins February 21

Quantum League open beta

Developer Nimble Giant has announced that the Quantum League open beta is starting on February 21. This time paradox shooter brings innovative mechanics to the genre, spicing up the arena combat with player clones and loops.

Quantum League is a competitive FPS where you can play in 1v1 or 2v2 matches. No matter your choice, the gameplay is centered around loops and time travel is a certainty. As a Quantum Athlete, you enter the arena and perform your actions during a few seconds, when the loop ends and another one starts. Now, you'll see yourself performing the previous actions, while being free to go your own way and act differently.

This is a team-based shooter where you are your own team. Cooperating with your clones and supporting your previous actions is going to give you the upper hand, as you perform “unkills” and bring your previously killed self back into play. It's not as easy to explain as it is to play, so give it a go when the Quantum League open beta starts on February 21, running until March 2, 2020.


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