Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicles trailer introduces the new PC MMORPG

Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicle trailer

A few days ago, we told you about Gravity's plans for the Ragnarok series that included several new games. Now we have the Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicles trailer, which sets the mood for the upcoming PC MMORPG.

This trailer doesn't feature any gameplay, as that is surely being saved for the G-Star 2019 game conference, taking place in Busan, South Korea, from November 14 until November 17. This is just one of the new Ragnarok games in development, with the bulk being for mobile devices, but there are a few games in the works for PC as well.

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The Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicles trailer is entirely in CGI, showing our party traveling across a lush field. In the horizon, they spot their destination, some ruins where a dark creature is summoned. A battle ensues, with the Archer, Magician, Swordsman, and Acolyte (thanks, Riwer) doing their best but failing to make a dent on the winged creature.

When everything seems lost, our heroes rise and make a concerted effort, resulting in a devastating and stylish attack. Ultimately, the video ends abruptly without revealing the outcome of this clash, but it's safe to assume that our heroes saved the day.

Ragnarok Crusade Midgard Chronicles trailer

This trailer doesn't specify what you can expect from Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicle, but the screenshots from the reveal should give you a good idea of what to expect. It's worth reminding that the official blurb says that this new PC Ragnarok MMORPG features thrilling PvP battles, but hopefully that won't be the sole focus.

One Ragnarok fan recently said that Gravity needs to go back to its roots, delivering the complexity that the first Ragnarok Online offered, with the large maps that lacked from the failed Ragnarok Online 2. Only time will tell if the Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicles gameplay will fulfill those wishes.

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