Ragnarok Journey English release date announced

There's a new Ragnarok game coming soon, really soon in fact – Ragnarok Journey: War of Emperium is launching tomorrow, March 27 at 7pm PDT, after a short closed beta. During the first week players will get plenty of rewards each day, as you can see by this list.

While a new Ragnarok game is potentially capable of exciting players who have grown and loved the original Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Journey sadly seems to fall into the genre of the copy/paste Chinese MMORPGs, and it only takes a quick glance at the UI to see just how it's exactly the same as in hundreds of other browser MMORPGs. Ragnarok Journey also includes an auto-pilot mode, but one which actually makes you sit back and do nothing, while your character completes quests, fights monsters, talks to NPCs and pretty much just plays the game for you. But hey, some people actually seem to live for this.

In other news, Ragnarok Zero seems to be pretty dead, but it looks like it would be similar to this game in every single way, so not much is lost.

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