Rappelz aunches Epic VIII: Onslaught

Tame new monsters and awaken the best gear with Onslaught, the latest update for the classic MMORPG Rappelz. Epic VIII: Onslaught brings in a new Battle Arena, five elite field bosses to tame, a tremendous new system to improve gear, and much more!

Clash against your brethren in the Battle Arena, a thrilling new PvP system featuring three modes and a variety of newly created maps. Be the first to reach the maximum number of kills in Team Deathmatch, activate the most pillars to win Domination, and control the prized center in King of the Hill. Two teams of up to thirty-two players can battle against each other to win Arena Points, capable of buying empty pet cards that can capture this update’s five new boss monsters.

Ancient magic has awakened five elite field bosses with unusual new powers to tame. Capture the Blight Ogre, who pummels his enemies by spending 50% of his health points to increase speed, intelligence, and strength. Ensnare the Baphomet, a corrupt creature able to restore 28% health and 14% magic power to the entire party, including pets. The elusive Undine provides exceptional tanking ability when increasing vitality and max HP at the cost of movement speed, and the powerful Minotaurus destroys enemies with a passive skill that increases attack and defense per kill for up to 99 kills. Complete the collection with the versatile Drillbot, who utilizes one of three modes that provide a variety of buffs to nearby allies, making him highly adaptable to any situation.

Player equipment also receives a welcome update with the new Awakening system, offering an easy method to add additional stats to weapons. Simply obtain an Awakening Stone from dismantling empty creature cards and use it on the preferred weapon to add five bonus stats to that item at random. Be wary though, as this system has the potential to apply negative stats that can only be removed using the Sealing Scroll.

Always improving its gameplay and controls, Rappelz also adds many additional new features. Players are invited to try out the new WASD based movement system as well as the new target outlining system, labeling friends from foe in simple to identify colors. Additionally, earn special buffs under the new title system, a simple tool that improves stats after defeating feats from across the world. Proudly displayed above a character’s head, one main title will provide 100% of its available buffs, while five undisplayed sub-titles each give 10%.

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