Relic Hunters Legend is a free-to-play co-op shooter that is all about the loot

Relic Hunters Legend co-op shooter

Relic Hunters Legend is coming soon and developer Rogue Snail has released a new trailer. This time it's all about the loot, something that its predecessor Relic Hunters Zero already knew all too well.

This free-to-play loot-and-shoot four-player co-op RPG has a cute cartoon art style and features a campaign of time travel and friendship. The game will expand with new storylines, characters and side stories via further updates.

But Relic Hunters Legend is synonymous with loot. According to the developers, there are hundreds of items, hunters and relics to collect, with thousands of gun and gear combinations. The new trailer showcases this nicely, with cool weapons and gear to equip and enhance. You can even share items with members of your four-player team.

Epic boss battles are another part of the game, with the possibility of dropping some sweet specific loot.

Relic Hunters Legend is currently in alpha for  Kickstarter backers and Founders. It will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux, with Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions under consideration. A mobile Relic Hunters is also planned, but it won't be the same game.

Relic Hunters Legend will enter Early Access at a later date, with the official release planned for late 2020. Quite a long ways off, so if you want to play it right now, head over to the official website and purchase a Founder's Pack.


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