Revelation Online unleashes the Assassin class and its bad-ass mount

revelation online assassin class

It's finally here, and not in a very stealthy way as it is known for – in fact, the Assassin class is sure to make quite an entrance today, as it finds its way into Revelation Online.

The ShadowBlade expansion for Revelation Online introduces the much anticipated Assassin class, along with an epic questline where you have to prove your worth to ride and fly the new Venom ZX500 mount. What may seem at first like a futuristic bike is, in fact, a rare and heavily mutated monster species, and one that can evolve into an impressive aerial mount.

New content for the other existing six classes is also a part of the ShadowBlade expansion, with the introduction of class areas. Each class has its own area and this is the perfect place for classes to train, learn new skills and unlock new abilities.

The new class areas are the following:

• Assassin Area: Scorpion Plains. The misty Scorpion Plains bring together the most lethal mercenaries.

• Blademaster Area: Contender's Peak. High above the clouds and guarded by wyverns, this rugged spot is a meeting place where Blademasters put their steel to the test and forge the mightiest weapons.

• Gunslinger Area: Imperial Marksman Academy. The Gunslinger Class Area is located underground, flanked by an enormous pyramid. Countless silos ensure that there’s always enough gunpowder to go around.

• Occultist Area: Realm of Shattered Light. Ominous whisperings can be heard across this twilit haunt. Buzzards dot the sky, swooping down intermittently to torment the forgotten souls that wander the realm.

• Spirit Shaper Area: Valley of Spirits. The Valley of Spirits is a gathering of hardy souls who seek to become one with nature. This lush expanse teems with exotic plant life and rare animals.

• Swordmage Area: Starward Meridian. Swordmage disciples chose this snowy location for its unfettered view of the cosmos. It’s also home to Ashwing Cranes, who yearn for fearless riders.

• Vanguard Area: Maple Ridge. Impregnable fortifications and Thundermane sentries ensure that no trespassers set foot in Maple Ridge. Vanguards train tirelessly to become elite soldiers.

You can try the new Assassin class by signing up and downloading Revelation Online for free.

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