Revelation Online ends second beta, next phase “sooner than later”

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Revelation Online has just ended its second western closed beta today. The bug tracker was also closed in the process as the team will now move on to hunt those player-submitted bugs during the next coming weeks.

Server stability during CBT2 was “rather smooth”, but there was a share of unforeseen issues for the team to struggle with, such as the Christmas gifts not being sent – they will be provided at a later date with some undisclosed extra to make up for the delay, and it will also be sent to all CBT2 participants. has confirmed that the localization has reached its final steps, with all quests and dialogues in English, and the next phase should happen early in 2017, “sooner rather than later.” The next beta will bring a significant increase in level cap, but we don't know yet if it's going to be a third closed beta or the move to the open beta phase – the Russian server had three closed betas and is now in open beta, so it's likely that we still have one more CBT ahead.

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