Revelation Online Iceborn update is out on May 23

Revelation Online anniversary

Things are about to get chilly in Revelation Online with the release of a new update on May 23. The Revelation Online Iceborn update asks you to participate in a region-wide faction war, choosing one of the two warring sides: the Wingar and the Ursids.

These factions aren't getting along and threaten the peace and innocents of Snowpine Reach. It's up to you to choose one of them and restore peace the way you usually do – by decimating the enemy. A quest will unlock at level 40 for you to decide which faction you're going to support, with the portals to the battlegrounds opening twice a week. To claim victory, you have to earn a set amount of points before the opposing faction does, most of them involving some kind of violence. Here is the breakdown of the points: Gather Resource: 5; Elite Monsters: 3; Monsters: 1; Players: 1; Boss: 10.

So, are you going to choose the scary teddy bears or the winged folks?


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