Imperial Wars brings 300v300 battles to Revelation Online

Revelation Online Imperial Wars battles

It's every man for himself with today's release of the Imperial Wars update for Revelation Online. With battles that can have up to 300 players in each side, you can imagine the chaos and scale of the conflict.

Imperial Wars is obviously based on the endgame experience, with the entire population of a server being able to fight another server for the dominance of the Imperial Frontier. The map for this clash is huge and hosts things such as several castles, towns and camps to fight over Every week, two of Revelation Online's servers will be able to participate and alternate in a series of daily activities on the Frontier map, such as attacking camps, gathering intelligence or taking down the Crystal Chaos beast. Those who participate will be eligible for the rewards in the final battle at the end of the week.

The Imperial Wars update also brings a new system to hire mercenaries to help you in battle, new class optimization options, and new enhancement options for runes and badges in the new soul skill system.

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