Revelation Online invites you to Scour Dungeons in PvE arenas

You're looking for an extra challenge in Revelation Online? Then you should check the Scour Dungeons, places where you can slay plenty of monsters of your level range for a nice amount of experience. It's somewhat similar to a daily quest in that you can only kill a certain amount of monster each day, but this number regularly increases. Monsters in these dungeons range from level 20 to level 73, including special Elite Monsters, and if you're doing this in a group, all party members receive the total amount of experience at the end of the run, so you'd better think about cooperating.

You can also morph into a monster if you're in the spirit of tricking your friends. This can be achieved in two ways: Daemonic Morph or NPC Item Morph. You can read all the details about the Scour Dungeons here, and even participate in a GIF contest from March 24 to March 29.


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