Revelation Online ShadowBlade update will bring the Assassin class

Revelation Online ShadowBlade

The much desired Assassin class for Revelation Online is getting ready to make an entrance. This class is coming with the ShadowBlade update soon.

The Assassin is the seventh class to join the world of Nuanor in Revelation Online and as it is usual, you can choose to play as male or female. This class is melee based and an expert with daggers for short-ranged combat and chain weapons for mid-ranged attacks.

The Assassin is also the only class currently in Revelation Online featuring stealth skills and the ability to ambush enemies.

The ShadowBlade update is going to bring other features, including a bad-ass motorbike mount:

• “Venom ZX500” Questline: Players can get their hands on this mutated motorbike and hurtle the roads of Nuanor on their new mount. Deem yourself worthy and pass a few tests to be allowed to ride this monster.
• Class & Equipment Change: These features allow players to transform their current class to another one they want to play. Ideal for players who don't want to start a new class from the very first level.
• Class Areas: Players can complete a dedicated quest line for their class and buy brand new skills from vendors in the class area.

The Revelation Online ShadowBlade update is deploying “soon”, and by that we assume early December, but we could be wrong.


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