Riders of Icarus second closed beta begins April 21

If you weren't lucky enough to participate in the first closed beta test for Riders of Icarus, then you may be happy to know that the second phase begins April 21 and ends April 28. You can sign up at the official website to try to get an invite for this localization of the South Korean game Icarus Online, where players get to battle, tame and ride many impressive creatures, from huge spiders to amazing dragons. Phase 2 will extend the beta test to other regions, including Europe, South America, Australia and the Oceania territories. You can see the full list of territories here.

The closed beta and the upcoming open beta also bring some rewards such as permanent collectible capes, if you complete the Salant’s Stronghold Tutorial at the start of the game – and honestly, if you don't complete something with the word “tutorial” in it, then why are you still playing games?

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