Ring of Elysium reveals post launch plans in three stages

Ring of Elysium update

Tencent's Ring of Elysium is doing nicely after its recent Early Access release, and the studio has just revealed some interesting details on future development plans. The forthcoming updates are going to release in three stages.

Stage one is coming this month and brings the basics of any Battle Royale game – optimization, anti-cheat measures and more languages (Russian and Portuguese). Stage two represents the first major Ring of Elysium update, with a big overhaul to the character animation, additional player customization options and a new 10-week seasonal event system. Glider, snowboard, climbing tool and backpack customization are some of the new cosmetics, along with new clothing sets.

Stage three is the one for European players, as this version will be finally released – the date is yet to be announced. This is also the time for a second Ring of Elysium map, the tropical island, which was first seen during the beta test in Thailand and was heavily request by players. It will make an appearance in a revamped version, and we are curious to see if any of the highlights of Ring of Elysium (weather conditions, dynamic events…) will make it to this new map.

Ring of Elysium update clothing

Ring of Elysium update gliders

Ring of Elysium update snowboards

Ring of Elysium update tropical island map

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