Riot Games reveals character-based tactical FPS Project A

Tactical FPS Project A Riot Games

While Riot Games has a ton of projects related to League of Legends in development, at least one of them is based on an entirely new universe. The character-based tactical FPS Project A is being created by a new internal team and is the first game from the studio that has no ties whatsoever with LoL and Runeterra.

There aren't many details on Project A, but we do know that it is a competitive character-based first-person shooter similar to Overwatch. It is set in a near future Earth and it features a “cast of lethal characters” with unique abilities, and it is a project that Riot promises will work on for years and years to come.

One of the goals for Project A is to solve the issues with low ping and delayed character movement. The team is working on technology to solve that decades-old problem, and that includes an anti-cheat system as well to preserve the integrity of the matches. Eliminating peekers advantage is something that Riot plans as well – this is a tactic that involves abusing the slight server delay to peek and shoot other players before their servers even have the time to register the action.

Riot Games' tactical FPS Project A is still in very early development, so it's likely that it will be some time before we get new details on it. The best that you can do for now is watch some very early footage of this shooter below. Luckily, Riot has a lot more in store, including the highly anticipated fighting game that was teased several months ago.

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