Robocraft enters beta, over 10 million registered players

It seems like ages since we covered Robocraft for the second time – Freejam's build-drive-fight PC game was in alpha for several years and has finally entered the beta stage of development, with the launch of the latest update. Over 10 million players have registered for Robocraft and this game is going to exit Steam Early Access later this year.

A few things have changed for Robocraft, including some vital gameplay points. For example, the normal mode is now a 5v5 against the previous 8v8, all maps have been reworked with “battlegrounds that feature more varied terrain, offering more gameplay complexity and strategy”, and there was some obvious visual improvement too, with a more colorful and cheerful game. A new matchmaking system finds its way into the game, based on ELO, a score that is based on an individual's win and loss record. Finally, the new mechanic Protonite Core (or The Equaliser) comes into play, allowing teams who are behind in battle to catch up by taking out a giant crystal that spawns periodically for a limited time.

While Robocraft isn't as universally acclaimed as it was a couple of years ago, there are still quite a few concurrent players having fun with this game.


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