Rocket Arena is Nexon’s new Paladins meets Quake shooter, beta is coming

Rocket Arena nexon shooter

Paladins, Quake and Fortnite went into a bar… well, the punchline would probably involve Nexon's newest game, Rocket Arena. Just announced by developer Final Strike Games, this is a free-to-play 3v3 first-person hero shooter for PC and Xbox One, featuring cross-platform play. A PlayStation 4 version is also in development.

The Rocket Arena closed beta is coming on May 23, 2019 and you can sign up at the official website for a chance of participating. The beta ends on May 29 and you can check all the times here.

Rocket Arena has four different game modes, with matches that are said to last about five minutes: Knockout, Rocketball, Mega Rocket and RocketBot Attack. You can play in six distinct locations: Boom City, Crater's Edge, Crystal Reef, Gemstone Jungle, The Wilds and Serrata Peaks.

As for the characters, there are six for now, each one with his own abilities and special items that you unlock as you level up: Amphora, Blastbeard, Izell, Jayto, Kayi and Plink.

Rocket Arena can be played via Nexon's launcher (official website) or Steam.

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