Skyforge: New Horizons update is live and takes you to a new planet

Skyforge New Horizons update

Do you fancy traveling abroad and meeting new and interesting cultures? How about going to an inhospitable planet and getting toasted by the locals? If this sounds appealing, then the Skyforge: New Horizons update is there for you.

Releasing today on PC, April 10 on PS4 and April 11 on Xbox One, New Horizons adds a new planet to this sci-fi fantasy MMORPG. Terra is the new planet – which means ‘Earth', in case you didn't know. However, it is home to an agressive species of anthropomorphic lizards, the Draconids.

The update also brings a new interface, changes to bastions and divine specializations, an updated scaling system and class symbols.

New Horizons is a free update but is also available for purchase in a Collector's Edition. This edition brings the Universe Conqueror Armor costume and a handful of consumables.


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