Skyforge Overgrowth expansion coming in April with new Grovewalker class

Skyforge Overgrowth expansion

Overgrowth is the name of the next free expansion coming soon for the MMORPG Skyforge. Allods Team and have just announced this new piece of content and the highlight is a new class to unlock, called the Grovewalkers.

Grovewalkers are highly proficient mages that are versed in the arts of wild nature magic, hitting their foes from a distance. They may look nimble but can call upon the protection of their living armor and moprh into massive frontline tanks. But there is more to this update: players can rediscover Aelion through reworked story missions and a brand new challenges system.

The Overgrowth update releases on April 11 for PC and on April 12 for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, you can already dive into the pre-release questchain and help Tessa, the Goddess of Flowers. Early adopters will receive some pre-order bonuses for purchasing the Grovewalker Collector’s Edition before its release early April on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

I've recently been playing a bit of Skyforge and the game is actually pretty cool, so this comes at just the perfect time.

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