Skyforge’s Ascension expansion adds new class, regions map and more

There's a new expansion coming to Skyforge and it is the largest one yet, according to the developers. Ascension is scheduled to launch this October and it brings plenty of interesting things, with one of the highlights being the new Outlaw class – “a charismatic, daring and dangerous hero, who brilliantly handles two pistols and, when necessary, dynamite.”

The combat system was improved, with a focus on dashes – almost all enemy monster abilities can now be easily avoided. You'll be able to take the weapons or even parts of the body of a fallen enemy, with a few examples being that you can arm yourself with the tentacle of a defeated Kraken or slice off a Hydra head and terrify your enemies with it.

The new Regions Map is another one of the highlights of the Ascension expansion. This is described as an extended game campaign where players can unlock access to new Adventures, Classes, and Symbols. The markers on the map are entry points for adventures or missions and familiar interface screens such as Equipment, Symbols, and Orders will also be located there.

Ascension also brings some changes to the invasion seasons, a new invasion avatar – Tol-Monter, great god of the Oceanids – and a new political system, the Council of Gods, where players can elect who the world of Aelion will answer to for a few weeks. Elect or be elected.

Watch the Ascension reveal trailer below to see what is coming to Skyforge in October 2016.


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