Slash-em-up Blade Symphony discusses free-to-play for 2018

Blade Symphony free-to-play

Blade Symphony is a slash-em-up with an in-depth sword fighting system and was initially launched in 2014. Now, developer Puny Human has discussed in a lengthy announcement its plans for the game, including a free-to-play release in 2018.

I won't go in detail through some of the new features, including the multi-match system (multiple duels to take place in the same arena, no useless sitting and spectating), or the animation, network and interpolation fixes. While Blade Symphony is finally stable, “it still needs lots of bug fixing”.

And now here is the twist: the studio is going with a new release plan, where the work from the last year is going to be released in what they are calling the Blade Symphony: Harmonious Prelude update, with a price drop. The idea is to get a little more revenue before free-to-play, have a larger pool of testers, work with translators to add more languages and more. When they are confident in the state of the game, when bugs have been fixed and there are enough items in the cash shop (free-to-play oblige), Blade Symphony will be released as free-to-play.

The Blade Symphony: Harmonious Prelude version will be released tomorrow, April 12, 2018.

Blade Symphony has a really cool combat system, so let's hope that it gets the necessary boost (both in players and income) to become a stable and interesting game.

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