Smilegate talks about Lost Ark’s open beta launch troubles

Lost Ark's open beta launch

Lost Ark's open beta launch was hugely anticipated but it wasn't all roses. Korean players faced incredible queues and this naturally left many players angry.

Developer Smilegate has recently talked about this, saying that the number of players trying to login was still increasing, despite adding a new server and expanding the current ones. They mention seeing reports of 250,000 concurrent players, but this number was surpassed. Exact figures should be released sometime later.

As you may have noticed, Lost Ark isn't accessible anymore to overseas players, official Korean site included. However, many players from countries such as China are still trying to enter the game through several means, and Smilegate has taken measures against them.

Lost Ark is coming to North America and Europe one day, although there isn't an official announcement yet. However, Smilegate's CEO has confirmed that the game embargo on China has delayed indefinitely the planned Chinese release, paving the way for the NA and EU versions. Can I say late 2019, early 2020?

Via MMOCulture

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