SMITE RPG Adventure gets Nightmare mode with new update

smite adventure

If you enjoyed the latest SMITE adventure, then you're not alone – the SMITE Co-Op RPG Shadows Over Hercopolis was highly appreciated by players of this mythological MOBA.

According to Hi-Rez Studios, only a few players were able to beat Loki on Hard Mode, and so they decided the only thing possible: to make the adventure even harder. That is why a new Nightmare Mode is coming with the latest patch, Passage to Egypt. This mode makes the enemies even deadlier, but changes the environment and boss encounters.

There's also a nice reward for the first team that bests Loki in Nightmare Mode: each player will receive 8000 gems ($100 value) as well as 10 skin codes. There are a few more challenges that you can see here.

Take a look at the new skins that come with the Passage to Egypt update.

Druidstone Geb

Mastery Skins | Serqet

Oni Musha Hachiman

Snow Day Scylla

Kunoichi Serqet

Ice Mage Agni

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