SMITE begins Season 4 with god and map updates

SMITE's Season 4 is here and with it comes a lot of changes and balancing, but we'll begin with the visual update to Vamana, who Hi-Rez says now “has a look befitting of the colossus who bested Bali’s demon army and returned control of the heavens to Indra” – well, if you watch the video below, he just looks cute to us. There's also the new Such Cold Skadi skin and the cutsy doge avatar.

You can get the Season Ticket 2017 for free this year and unlock awesome loot with Fantasy Points that you earn for every match you play.

The Clash map just got a visual update with a new Egyptian theme, some layout changes and a new jungle boss, Apophis, a giant snake. There are a few for the Conquest map and of the 84 Gods and Goddesses currently in SMITE, 27 have been rebalanced in some way with Season 4.

But this isn't all that comes with Season 4 – check the full patch notes and the Season 4 site to learn more.

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