SMITE gets new god Ah Puch, new map and god skins

SMITE's new patch is going to bring a lot of good stuff, including new god Ah Puch, plenty of new god skins, voice packs and more. A new Arena map will also be revealed exclusively during this weekend’s $60,000 Smite Spring Finals LAN stream.

The update will release April 28 and brings Ah Puch, Horrific God of Decay. The official blog description says that “Ah Puch is the god of death, darkness, and disaster. He is the lord of the ninth hell, the lowest and most horrible of them all, and king of the underworld.” Sounds like a charming dude. You should visit the dev insight to learn all about him, see him in action and to be reminded just how great Hi-Rez is at doing these amazing God preview pages.

Here's the Ah Puch Death Mask card, as well as the other new cards that will be released with the upcoming patch (read the full notes here).

Ah Puch Death Mask

Kawaii Pop Bastet

Bastet Kawaii Pop

Void Wyrm Kukulkan

Kukulkan Void Wyrm

Executioner Nemesis

Nemesis Executioner

Desert Queen Serqet

Serqet~Desert Queen

SPL 2015 Xbalanque NA

Xbalanque  SPL 2015 NA

SPL 2015 Xbalanque EU

Xbalanque  SPL 2015 EU


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