SMITE’s Project Olympus improves core game, Paladins gets Champion Jenos

SMITE Bellona

Hi-Rez Studios is having a great time today at DreamHack Valencia in Spain, revealing some interesting updates on its games. We already mentioned the start of the Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics open beta, and now it's time for Paladins: Champions of the Realm and SMITE.

The SMITE team has announced Project Olympus, an initiative that is intended to improve core game features and polish this MOBA. The next three SMITE patches will bring the first phase of Project Olympus. Here are the first features to be worked on:

– Major engine and systems upgrades, including a 64-bit client and support for higher-resolution textures.
– Significant Console SMITE updates, including HUD improvements, additional controller configuration options, and match history sorted by God.
– An improved in-game knowledge bank, full of tutorial videos to help new players learn the game and existing players improve their skills.
– Prestige Levels, which allow SMITE players to level beyond the existing level 30 cap.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is getting Jenos, the Ascended, a Support Champion with an astral flair in a few days. Patch notes are planned for July 21 and this is the 10th Champion to be released this year in a grand total of 30, quite an impressive feat. A new map called Splitstone Quarry has also joined the realm. You can see a teaser for Jenos and the Splitstone Quarry map video below, alongside a new Paladins trailer.

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