SMITE Tactics: Hi-Rez reveals turn-based strategy game with CCG elements

Hi-Rez Studios has revealed its new game after yesterday's teaser – it's titled SMITE Tactics and it's a turn-based strategy game with card collecting elements. We we're really closed when we mentioned a possible SMITE CCG, but a million miles away as we hoped for a Global Agenda 2 reveal.

So, SMITE Tactics it is. The best way to describe this game, which is going to be free-to-play, is to think of SMITE mixed with games such as Final Fantasy Tactics – you get the large roster of gods and creatures (four pantheons at launch with more to follow) straight from the acclaimed MOBA SMITE and battle in competitive multiplayer matches or single-player adventures. A perfect comparison and surely future rival is Duelyst, the awesome pixel art strategy game from Counterplay Games.

Running on the Unreal Engine, SMITE Tactics looks like the best of two worlds and we can't wait to try it out. Closed beta begins before the end of the year and you can sign up at the official website.

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