SMITE’s new god The Morrigan, Phantom Queen is the first from Celtic pantheon

There's a new Pantheon coming to SMITE, the Celtic Pantheon and the first god to get the honor of entering the battleground of the gods is The Morrigan, the Phantom Queen. She will arrive with the 3.25 patch and the announcement video that you can watch below premiered during the Hi-Rez Expo. The Morrigan will be available on January 10 on PC and January 17 on console, and you can unlock her for 200 Gems, 11,000 Favor, or with your Ultimate God Pack. Her description is as follows:

“The lurid seductress. The wrinkled hag. The screaming crow. The washer in the river. She has been known by many forms, but just one name: The Morrigan. There is no war The Morrigan did not incite. No dying breath she did not collect. Beware, for The Morrigan controls your fate.”

The Morrigan uses her illusions and doubles to confuse her enemies and her ultimate is her highlight: she can select a god from the current match and become a copy of that god, including all the current stats and abilities.

There's also an event called Path of the Phantom Queen where you have to play an ancient magical board game, complete quests and ultimately earn rewards such as the Limited Woodland Rogue The Morrigan skin.

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