Soul Worker: 3 new characters unveiled, more gameplay details

The cat is out of the bag – we have discovered who are the three remaining characters that compose the group of six already teased for Soul Worker. One of them, known as Howling Guitar, was actually officially announced recently and will join the other three when the Soul Worker Japanese open beta begins – the closed beta runs from August 20 to August 23, with only 15,000 spots available.

Howling Guitar is a female melee fighter that uses a guitar as a weapon to unleash pain, with plenty of spirit effects to go along. In fact, it seems that her original name was Stella Witch as you can see in her image below, which kind of makes sense. You can also watch one long gameplay video (thanks MMOCulture).

Soul Worker Howling Guitar Stella Witch

The teaser image below shows the six characters and now we can clearly see who they are (from left to right): Hammer Stol, Spirit Arms, Soulum Sword, Howling Guitar, GunJazz and Myst Scythe.


Here are the two as of yet undisclosed characters, and you'll be happy to know that one of them, Hammer Stol/Rage, is an old friend – she's the one that was seen in the first Soul Worker trailer and many players were sad to see her gone from the roster, but here she is again.

Soul Worker HammerStol

Soul Worker Spirit Arms

But we have more news on Soul Worker. An older video (presumably from the end of 2014) was just released and it shows more gameplay, info and artwork on the game, including the characters you've seen above. While some of the content may be subject to change, most of it is probably implemented in the game already or planned to.

You'll get to see the secondary weapons of the three initial characters (Dagger, Grenade and Chain Scythe), take your first look at the Ruin Fortress, as well as the Control Base, Burster Core, Acheron and Arkship mazes, quests with talking to NPCs and other quests that get updated through the in-game video chat system as you go. There's also enchanting items, crafting, a socket system, and the video ends with a look at some of the NPCs and boss creatures. You can watch it all below and ask Lion Games for an English release which is still uncertain.

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