Soul Worker: Lion Games explains Korean version delay

New SoulWorker Online video

While Japan has already seen a few test phases (you can see plenty of gameplay and the character creation system here), Soul Worker Online is still a no-go in South Korea, incidentally the home of developer Lion Games. Sega Korea is handling the publishing duties but news on the game are few and far between. Since players are already expressing some concerns, Lion Games has issued a statement on Soul Worker's Facebook page (thanks MMOCulture) explaining the situation and apologizing for the delay. The post says that Lion Games is making sure that it delivers a top quality game to Korean gamers and that Sega Korea is actively preparing for supporting this.

Besides Japan and Korea, Soul Worker is also in the works for China through Shanda Games, but there aren't any details on that one for many months. Obviously, there's still nothing regarding an English release.


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