SoulWorker Zero is a mobile game in closed beta in Korea

SoulWorker Zero mobile game

SoulWorker is one of the best examples of an anime action online RPG on PC. It would feel off if this game wasn't adapted to other platforms, namely mobile.

SoulWorker Zero seems to be the answer to that existential doubt. This game is developed by Korean studio VisionBros and published by Aprogen Healthcare & Games Inc., which as the name indicates, also works in the healthcare business (thanks MMOCulture).

SoulWorker Zero is currently in closed beta in Korea for a single week. This mobile version seems to follow the same story of the PC version, but the viewpoint takes a slight isometric approach.

And now for the big twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan: a SoulWorker Mobile game was released last year. Called Soul Keeper: Awakening, it looks like it was removed both from Google Play and Apple Store, which could suggest that it wasn't an official release, but we could be wrong. China, eh?

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