Spiral Cats get in the skin of Dota 2’s Queen of Pain Akasha

Here's one more stunning cosplay production from South Korean team Spiral Cats, aka Doremi and Tasha. The later is the one that you can see in this photoshoot, using a fabulously detailed costume that Dota 2 players are surely going to recognize in a second – it's Akasha, the Queen of Pain. Once again, the balance between production values and sex appeal are out of this world.

One of the latest portrayals by the Spiral Cats team was the anime action RPG SoulWorker Online, with two of the characters – Stella Unibell aka Howling Guitar and Haru Estia aka Soulum Sword – being the chosen ones. SoulWorker is coming to the west this year with Gameforge, although we aren't getting any details for a few months now.

tasha dota 2 akasha 6
tasha dota 2 akasha 4
tasha dota 2 akasha 5
tasha dota 2 akasha 2
tasha dota 2 akasha 3
tasha dota 2 akasha 7
tasha dota 2 akasha 8
tasha dota 2 akasha 9
tasha DOTA2 Akasha The Queen of Pain 1

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