Star Trek Online Season 14 Emergence is live on PS4 and Xbox One

Star Trek Online Season 14 Emergence

This is a good day for all you console captains out there. Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have just announced that the Season 14: Emergence is now available for Star Trek Online on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This update is available on PC since early October.

This free update includes the following:

• New Featured Episode – The new season opens with the featured episode “Melting Pot” which sends players on a mission to explore a new colony world with Captain Geordi La Forge.

• New Fleet Holding – Captains can build a full-scale Fleet Holding on the Lukari-Kentari colony. Now the game’s largest Fleet Holding, it is also the first holding since Starbases to feature five full tiers of progression with rewards.

• New Primary Specialization and Bridge Officer Class – The new Primary Specialization, “The Miracle Worker,” allows captains to excel in engineering abilities, such as weapon enhancement and healing. Bridge officers can also be trained to specialize in the same skills.

• Colony Defense Event – Fleets can generate a holographic invasion to help them train and earn both individual rewards and items to progress their new Fleet Holding.

• Fleet Holding Defense Queues – The Lukari-Kentari colony is home to two defense queues against the Tzenkethi – one on ground and one in space.

• Free Kilt and Skant Giveaway – From now through November 28 at 10:00 am PST, players can visit the “Promotions” tab of the C-Store on Xbox One and PS4 to claim a free Kilt and Skant, made famous by Star Trek: The Next Generation.


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