Star Trek Online is turning two more starship models into physical items

Star Trek Online Starship Model

Star Trek Online‘s partnership with Hero Collector is going to result in two more starships exclusive to the game being recreated in die-cast. The ships are the Gagarin-Class Federation Battlecruiser and Chimera-Class Federation Heavy Destroyer, which will be recreated in high detail and hand-painted.

The Chimera-Class Federation Heavy Destroyer was seen in Victory is Life, the expansion that delves into the Deep Space Nine, while the Gagarin-Class Federation Battlecruiser was released last year as a celebration to the popular CBS series, Star Trek: Discovery.

Both ships will be up for sale on the Hero Collector website in 2020, with more ships coming in the future, as the designers are working closely with Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios.

Garagin Class Star Trek Online Starship Model Chimera Class Star Trek Online Starship Model

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