Star Wars: The Old Republic Steam version download is now available

Star Wars: The Old Republic Steam version

Electronic Arts is taking this whole Steam thing very seriously. It took them a long time, but now they are releasing most of their games in Valve's storefront, besides the studio's own digital outlet Origin. And so, the Star Wars: The Old Republic Steam version is now available to download for free on Steam, many years after its first release in December 2011.

Apparently, players were quick to pick up the game, with a few thousand players already enjoying it and the few reviews taking it into very positive territory. Not bad for a game that somehow had the reputation of being heavily pay-to-win.

Star Wars: The Old Republic features full crossplay and cross-save with the direct SWTOR launcher, which means that players from the previous version won't lose their progress in case they decide to switch to Steam. Over 100 Steam achievements will be added soon, with retroactive rewards going out to those who have already unlocked achievements in the game. For now, you can try your best to unlock emoticons and backgrounds.


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