Stunning 2D action RPG Magia: Charma Saga reveals Knight gameplay

Magia Charma Saga Knight gameplay

Nexon has revealed the first gameplay from the fourth Magia: Charma Saga character, the Guardian Knight. Previously we were limited to the Battle Mage Caleera, Spirit Magician Leta Vinis and Magic Swordsman Aiden Rutelan.

The name of the Guardian Knight is also revealed: Morgan. He uses a shield to bash and axe to dispatch his enemies, and he clearly is an agile warrior. He is “coming soon” to Magia: Charma Saga.

Magia: Charma Saga is a dazzling 2D action RPG developed by Super Acid for Nexon and the Korean publisher is placing a lot of faith in this new IP. We have already played it and liked the game a lot, as you can see in our Magia: Charma Saga gameplay video.


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