Sudden Attack 2 Korea and Japan are shutting down already

Sudden Attack 2 is no more. Nexon has announced that it is shutting down this free-to-play shooter in Korea on September 29, merely about three months after the game started its service, and also in Japan. It wouldn't be easy to follow on one of the most popular shooters in Asia, but this was completely unexpected.

Apparently, there were a few reasons for this decision. One would be that the player feedback was just too much and the studio couldn't respond to all the requests. Other one was the termination of the developer GameHi (Nexon GT) contract, which means that the game wouldn't get more support from this studio. But no official reason was revealed and it could be something else entirely.

Sudden Attack 2 stirred up a lot of controversy due to two of its overly sexy female characters, which ended up in very suggestive positions. Plenty of complaints later, these characters were removed by Nexon, in a move that took the Overwatch winning pose controversy to the next level. After that, Sudden Attack 2 just wasn't the same game and now it's about to end.


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